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Mondo Trasho – ‘Hard Times (That’s Life)’

  • 1 min read

Cut from the legendary Liverpool scene, Mondo Trasho have been delivering a raucous wave of psychedelic garage rock for some time now, capitalising on a melting pot of influences to carve out their own unique path. While their sound has developed over the course of EPs like ‘Pure Trash’, and aptly titled follow-up ‘More Trash’, the band have well and truly hit their stride with the new single ‘Hard Times (That’s Life)’.

A cut that lashes out with a true and somewhat unexpected RnB vibe, ‘Hard Times (That’s Life)’ revels in rolling bass tones and an all-eclipsing groove. At its core, drumbeats fly, filling the cut with a relentless drive and bold upbeat energy, while the vocals mix with jangling guitar and swirling organ sounds. It’s a fantastic and overwhelming sound that is packed to the absolute brim, and it's simply impossible to ignore.

A track that is purpose-built to excite and get you moving, ‘Hard Times (That’s Life)’ breaks the mould in every possible way, crafting a proper spin on old-school RnB, one that blends the essence of the 60s with a bold, modern swing. You can stream the new cut below.

Without a doubt, ‘Hard Times (That’s Life)’ is a fitting soundtrack to the current state of the world, and although the bright refrain in each chorus shows the band has no illusions of happy endings, the line, “Change will come, but I just don’t know when,” shows a least a glimmer of hope.

Score: 7.5/10

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