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Monty O’Blivion – ‘Quid Pro Quo’

  • 2 min read

Politically driven and fiercely talented, Monty O’Blivion was drawn to music as a form of resistance, a way to break free of the conservative wastelands of Arizona. A multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Monty began his music career producing electronic music in his bedroom, tirelessly working to refine and evolve his sound into a complete aural experience. Fast-forward a move to LA and the release of his debut full-length album, ‘Autonomously Yours’ in 2019, and Monty is now ready to take on the world once more, releasing the new three-track EP, ‘Quid Pro Quo’.

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered in its entirety by Monty himself, with the noted exception of closing number ‘Du Hast’ which was written by Neue Deutsche Harte titans Rammstein, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ unleashes a flurry of electronic tones and shifting creative whims, offering three unique and irrepressible diverse tracks that embody Monty’s musical style.

Opening with the title track, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ wastes no time in becoming memorable, delivering a rapid aural assault of bold, energetic sounds and eclectic digital melodies. A layered, and unmistakably multi-faceted track, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ shines with shades of modern indie and contemporary funk, offering a sound reminiscent of golden age INXS with a sharp creative twist. Colouring, engaging, and constantly evolving, the title track offers an unassailable sound that flies in the face of categorisation and revels in the unexpected, offering a distinct medley of styles, sounds, and genres that are stitched together by an undeniable ‘80s vibe.

As second cut ‘Secular’ arrives, Monty delivers another slice of indie-electronic wizardry, tying together rolling audio clips and fractured digital sounds to create a unique sense of atmosphere. A track formed in the same creative spirit as Public Service Broadcasting or Fold, ‘Secular’ delivers an impressive, patchwork sound that soars through bursts of static, offering short creative intermission.

In the end, all eyes fall to Monty’s cover of ‘Du Hast’, a stirring electronic ode to the industrial legends. Opening with the same orchestral chords and sweeping tones, Monty’s cover sets the stage perfectly, offering sharp glimpses of the original track while folding in some deft creative changes. Reverberating with an early New Order vibe, it’s filled with quick-stepping beats and shimmering digital tones appear, shifting the focus away from heavy Neue Deutsche Harte strikes and straight to evolved electronic tones. Offering a lighter tone, both musically and vocally, the new rendition strikes at the heart of the, artfully blending shades of dark, industrial splendour to create a unique electronic anthem in its own right.

At just over nine minutes long, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ is the definition of short but sweet, offering a diverse maelstrom of textured electronic sounds and shifting experimental melodies. In essence, each track stands a dynamic testament to Monty’s musical journey, as well as a powerful indication of what we can expect when he releases his full-length album later this year. Tune into ‘Quid Pro Quo’ above via Spotify and be sure to follow Monty on his social media pages below so you never miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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