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Morgan King – ‘Mirror, Mirror’

  • 2 min read

When it comes to multi-genre recording artists, there are few talents more highly regarded or hotly anticipated than Morgan King. A talented singer-songwriter with a penchant for blending a unique myriad of sounds and styles, Morgan made her long-awaited solo debut last month with the release of new single ‘Mirror, Mirror’, and while we all knew it was going to be good, no one could have anticipated its impact or meteoric rise.

A dizzying, kaleidoscopic song that is brilliantly imbued with bright pop tones and bold rock movements, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is both gorgeous and undeniable, never quite settling and fiercely refusing to be defined. Built around a unique creative vision that shines with conscious progression and vocal intimacy, the single is perfectly paced and filled with vibrant eccentricity, ensuring that it’ll hold your focus until the final fading beats.

An introspective release that looks deep into the dark heart of the human condition, there is a triumphant spirit hidden beneath the maelstrom of sounds, and as Morgan steps into the spotlight, she does so with an unwavering bravery that simply cannot be understated. Versatile and expressive, and utterly impossible to deny, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is a rare and unpredictable release that perfectly showcases Morgan’s talents, skills, and sheer individuality.

Available now on Spotify, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ is destined to create waves around the world, and if Morgan can continue to produce tracks that hold firm to the same sense of magic, it’s all too easy to see her becoming a global sensation.

An exciting pop offering packed with powerful rock influences, ‘Mirror, Mirror’ perfectly contrasts darker elements with a light and hopeful message, ensuring that Morgan’s debut is one to remember. Tune in to the single above and make sure you follow her on Spotify and Instagram below, so you never miss a beat.

Score: 8/10

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