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Mr Benjamin - ‘From Jamaica’

  • 2 min read

Billed as a reggae luminary from Lagos, Nigeria, Mr Benjamin has emerged as one of the genre’s rising, independent talents. With a sound that has previously been heard across the globe in singles like ‘Truth Bitter’, Mr Benjamin has been proudly representing his roots, and on his latest single, he has cemented his status as one of his country’s most prominent musical figures.

Hailing from the vibrant streets of Oregun, Ikeja, Mr. Benjamin’s sound is a brilliant product of his culture and upbringing, delivering a dynamic style that runs deep with the culture and influences of his homeland. In his new single, the aptly titled ‘From Jamaica’, Mr Benjamin fully embraces the sounds and city that helped forge him, delivering an undeniable illustration of his abilities as an artist.

Backed by his meteoric rise, ‘From Jamaica’ sees Mr Benjamin blending his personal experiences with modern reggae sounds, crafting a unique musical journey that perfectly encapsulates him. Built from slick, tempered beats, glistening electronic tones, and an invigorating pop aesthetic, the new single arrives as a brilliantly updated take on classic reggae sounds, blending the smooth melodies and intoxicating harmonies with some familiar mainstream appeal. Clad in polished production that lets the old school reggae vibes flow, it’s a song packed with character, charm, and potential.

Definitely the chart-topping single that Mr Benjamin had promised, ‘From Jamaica’ is an impressive indication of where Nigeria’s music is heading, shining an impressive spotlight on both the sounds of his country, and also his ability to reshape the dynamics of the music scene. You can stream the single now on all major streaming platforms.

Beyond his solo work, Mr Benjamin is a prolific songwriter, and has penned songs for some of the best artists in Nigeria, and across West Africa. With seemingly limitless creativity, it’s no surprise that his latest single sticks with you, capturing a vibrant reggae-infused sound and packaging it for a modern audience.

A standout single from the talented Mr Benjamin, ‘From Jamaica’ will work wonders to redefine your perception of both reggae and Nigerian sounds. Offering a fresh perspective and unparalleled charisma, the track is proof that Mr Benjamin is ready to take on the world stage. 

Score: 8/10

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