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Mr L-BO – ‘The Alley’

  • 2 min read

A bold hip-hop talent who has been taking over the DMV’s hip-hop scene since early 2015, Mr L-BO has already proved his instincts and talents time and time again. An undeniable hip-hop artist with a penchant for combining a diverse range of genres to form his unique sound, Mr L-BO is easily one of the most dedicated rappers out there, and on his new single ‘The Alley’, he’s shown that he can still kick it with the best.

A three-and-a-half-minute epic that features the brilliant Buckets Marciano, ‘The Alley’ is a perfect blend of style and substance, opening with an intimate twenty-second intro that sets that tone for things to come. Smooth, expressive, and seamlessly synchronised with the overall aesthetic of the track, everything about the track is built to impress, and the steady beat and subtle piano riffs that flow throughout will stick in your head for days to come.

Sharing vocals, Mr L-BO and Buckets Marciano deliver the perfect amount of power and precision, switching things up with a captivating flow and plenty of hard-hitting verse. It’s a masterclass in classic rap sounds, and by the time it all comes to a close, everyone would have fallen under their spell. A bar-heavy classic wrapped in clever wordplay, hard beats and some truly vivid visuals, ‘The Alley’ is another massive track for Mr L-BO’s fans, as well as a bold introduction for those not yet in his circle.

Available now on all major platforms, along with the hard-hitting new video that is currently burning a hole through YouTube, 'The Alley' is a modern hip-hop epic in the making. Check it out below.

Fully stocked with well-balanced production, creative instrumentation and some massive vocal performances, ‘The Alley’ will undoubtedly be one of Mr L-BO’s biggest tracks yet.

Score: 8/10

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