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Musicismost – ‘Pheromone Too (Hard Mix)’

  • 2 min read

A collective of lifelong friends with a shared passion for music, Musicismost began in the ‘80s, assembling itself from various jam sessions and casual encounters before eventually becoming something much more. As COVID swept the globe and lockdowns arrived, the ground banded together and hit the studio, delivering a raucous debut single that was filled with a fresh, high-energy take on the modern alt-rock sound. Titled ‘Pheromone Too’, the band’s debut single was a straight shot of sleazy, visceral sounds that garnered critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, launching Musicismost into the public consciousness and giving us all the first glimpse of their upcoming debut album.

While we might have to wait a little while longer for the full album to drop, the London collective have now given us all another unique glimpse into their wild creative work, delivering a re-hashed ‘hard mix’ of their debut single that leans on a far more hard rock and punk aesthetic. Incorporating darker, more caustic elements, the new mix of ‘Pheromone Too’ holds firm to the power and proficiency of the original version, but it lashes out with a more animalistic style, hitting hard with heavy, flailing guitars, cataclysmic drums, and guttural vocals that will send you scrambling.

A dark and brutal blend of distorted guitars that weave their way through serpentine progressions, everything about the new mix is taken to a higher level and amplified to anthemic proportions. A near-perfect blend of dirty dancefloor filler and mosh pit battle cry, the hard mix of ‘Pheromone Too’ is an aural experience that just has to be heard to be fully appreciated and understood.

When speaking of the single and forthcoming album the band explained that “’Pheromone Too’ sheds light on the effects of pheromones and how they can affect you and your emotions without realising it”, and when listening to the track, you can completely understand that. Everything about the single, both the original and the new hard mix, speak to the soul, heightening your senses and tapping into that animalistic side the lies deep within all of us.

Available now on all major platforms alongside the original track, the hard mix of ‘Pheromone Too’ is another powerful illustration of what the collective can produce, and if their album is even half as good as this single, then we’re all in for one hell of a ride.

Score: 8.5/10

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