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Muules – ‘Divide The Divided’

  • 2 min read

A driven three-piece from the Sunshine Coast, Muules have long since garnered a reputation for their passionate, socially conscious and melody-laden lyrics, dynamic rhythm sections, and vibrant synth flourishes. With a string of impressive singles to their name, along with a sound that frequently pushes past the sonic limitations of their bass and drums configuration, they’ve become synonymous with progressive, pop-infused alt-rock that shines throughout on stage.

After last impressing with their hard-cut single ‘Drain’, the band are back in the spotlight with their incandescent new single, ‘Divide The Divided’, a massive record that points out the contradictions in musical tastes and trends within the industry, kicking up the dust and boldly shining a light on the struggle of trying to stand out when you're supposed to be fitting in.

Armed with string, synths, and plenty of grit, the new single flows with an erratic, yet brilliant energy, one that is reflected perfectly in their bold alt-rock and grunge interchanges. Caught in a whirlwind of ‘90s and ‘00s sounds, the single is a dynamic showcase of progressive elements based around a simple, but effective riff. Sweeping aside the titanic instrumentals, vocalist Nathan Vasey’ is just as impressive, and his diverse melodic delivery and sharp, scathing lyrics deliver every time, ensuring that no matter where the song grabs you, it’ll never let go.

Not ones for conventionality, Muules have made ‘Divide The Divided’ an exclusive release on Bandcamp only, in celebration and support of Aus Music Month.

An impressive change of pace from previous releases, ‘Divide The Divided’ is an undeniable release that simply demands to be heard, offering a new perspective to Muules' titanic sound and pushing for bold new horizons.

Score: 8/10

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