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Mykii J – ‘Crime Scene’

  • 2 min read

A blossoming talent with a penchant for creating sensual RnB vibes and sharp hip-hop verse, Mykii J has taken the music world by storm, pushing his way to the forefront of the independent scene with a uniquely sleek style, razor-sharp bars, and sensual voice. After kicking around Philadelphia for a while, Mykii J emerged on the mainstage as a singer, songwriter, rapper, poet, and model, carving his own bold path with the release of several books and freestyles. Today though, Mykii J has taken on a new challenge, releasing his first original song, the surprisingly empowering ‘Crime Scene’.

While some artists might be content to just write and perform their debut single, Mykii J has taken things a step further, choosing to produce and release the mix under his own steam. Blending music from a vibrant maelstrom of styles like pop, rap, hip-hop, and new school RnB, ‘Crime Scene’ is a modern classic wrapped in early 2000’s nostalgia. Speaking candidly, Mykii J explained that his inspiration for the track was that glorious, golden age of pop where Justin Timberlake and Timbaland reigned supreme with their collaborations like ‘Cry Me a River’ and ‘Like I Love You’.

A song that both those pop titans would be keen to explore, ‘Crime Scene’ arrives an upbeat, feel-good anthem that revels in heavily autotuned vocals, old school references, and a dizzying medley of high snapping beats and flickering electronic tones. Musically, it’s a bold, but constrained release, one that builds a patchwork pop melody from some of the most recognisable sounds and techniques. It’s wonderfully familiar, grabbing you and dragging you back into the naughties, while simultaneously laying down a platform for Mykii J’s vocals. Caught between rapping, singing, and spoken word, there’s a unique style that Mykii J holds to when delivering his lines, dishing out quick verse and soaring choruses that ring with sounds of “self-empowerment, confidence, and one's unapologetic ability to "kill" the noise from haters.”

Undeniably fun, and sure to impress fans of old, ‘Crime Scene’ is available now on all major platforms, including Spotify below.

An original release that Mykii J can be proud of, ‘Crime Scene’ is a bold statement of intent and a sharp platform from which he can continue to build to profile. Be sure to check out the track above, share it with your friends if you like it, and follow Mykii J on Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram so you never miss an update.

Score: 7/10

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