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Mykii J – ‘Crime Scene 2.0’

  • 2 min read

Back in 2020, Mykii J made his triumphant debut with the release of ‘Crime Scene’, a modern RnB anthem that was wrapped in waves of early 2000’s nostalgia. A track inspired by the golden of pop, ‘Crime Scene’ dominated the airwaves with its vibrant blend of pop, rap, and new school RnB, gaining over 20,000 streams on Spotify alone. With that success in mind, Mykii J has returned to the scene of the crime and released a stunning sequel, one that recaptures all the magic of the original and keeps on killing the noise of his haters.

In the riveting new iteration of the breakout single, Mykii J has taken on his X-Men alter-ego of Gambit and recruited a veritable roster of other musical mutants like him, including Sooftheradiokid and Mimi A.K.A. The Kelly, to deliver a hard-hitting new single that is set to eclipse the original in almost every way.

With a uniquely sleek style and sensual voice, Mykii J’s return is everything we’ve come to expect from the Philadelphia native and more. Brimming with confidence and newfound energy, the supercharged sequel to ‘Crime Scene’ opens fittingly with a brief skit that pays homage to the original, while also artfully setting up the sequel to come. Filled with polished, rhythmic bars, glossy familiar beats and a shifting style that builds with each verse, everything about the new single has been tuned, styled, and emphasised to make an indelible mark on music.

Wonderfully familiar, but with enough new features and surprises to make ‘Crime Scene 2.0’ exciting, the new version is upbeat and eclectic, filling the more restrained spaces of the original with a dizzying medley of high snapping beats and flickering electronic tones. Check out the reimagined track below via Spotify.

Wonderfully unique and boasting a refreshing exchange between a trio of talented artists, ‘Crime Scene 2.0’ is a bold patchwork of styles that plays on the original perfectly, emphasising the self-empowering tones and unique delivery, while also exploring some sharp new territories that will keep fans of the old hooked.

You can hear ‘Crime Scene 2.0’ above and be sure to follow Mykii J on Spotify where you can stream the original version in all its RnB glory.

Score: 7.5/10

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