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Mykii J – ‘This Ain’t A Diss’

  • 2 min read

A unique talent who has made his mark with a gorgeous blend of sensual RnB and stark hip-hop, Mykii J has been riding a wave of success. A singer, songwriter, rapper, poet, and model, who has been burning his own bold path through Philadelphia, Mykii J first appeared on our radar with the release of ‘Crime Scene’, a titanic single that was wrapped in early 2000’s nostalgia. It was a powerful introduction, and one that had us all hanging out for more, and today, we’re pleased to say that he’s back with a brand-new anthem.

Titled ‘This Ain’t A Diss’, the new single is a rampant illustration of Mykii’s talents, delivering a polished blend of contemporary trap-soul and energetic hip-hop that is both atmospheric and vulnerable. Acting as both a comeback and the beginning of a bold new chapter for Mykii, the new cut addresses many of his ‘failed attempts at love’, laying down a candid and brutally honest account of past romantic relationships.

In true form, there’s a weight and power to the track, and it comes through loud and clear every time that Mykii takes to the microphone. Armed with a poetic refrain and plenty of emotive imagery, he creates a world of pain and triumph that draws you in and hits you with everything at once. It’s a cathartic, wonderful immersive single, and it toes the line between mainstream sounds and close, intimate moments perfect.

Blurring the lines between poetry and rap, ‘This Ain’t A Diss’ is available now on all major platforms, along with on Spotify below.

Embodying all his experience as an artist and poet, ‘This Ain’t A Diss’ is a surprising and ultimately disarming release from Mykii J, and it stands firm as a powerful testament to his abilities. For more from Mykii J, make sure you check out his social media pages below.

Score: 7.5/10

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