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Nadia Kazmi – ‘Have You Here’

  • 2 min read

A brilliant and wonderfully contemporary Canadian artist, Nadia Kazmi has made a name for herself in the blossoming Brooklyn scene by channelling fierce, emotive, and often poetic lyrics into a powerful indie sound. Armed with an innate talent to blend catchy pop hooks and vibrant rock melodies into her own expressive sound, she’s become an artist to watch throughout 2022, and her latest track proves exactly why.

Titled ‘Have You Here’, the new track is a gorgeous piece of stark indie-pop anthemics, hinging on a relentless, driving beat that cuts you to the quick and ushers in a raw, rock energy. The first single to be taken from Nadia’s upcoming full-length album, which is expected in the spring of 2023, ‘Have You Here’ is unapologetic in its style and sound, brandishing layered synth arrangements and a cinematic sound to really make its mark. Inspired by the nostalgia of her own youth, but also the enduring and intoxicating power of finding first love, the song is a wonderfully honest exploration of what might have been.

Musically, Nadia has crafted a stirring piece stoked in vibrant 80’s songwriting and nostalgia, capturing a spirited indie-pop sound that builds from a powerful foundation of glistening tones, tempered drums, and rousing guitar work, creating a free and expressive space where her vocals can take centre stage. The true power of the single arrives in Nadia’s vocals and delivery, and she sings with a gorgeous bittersweet sound that perfectly reflects the sentimental nature of the track in each chorus with lines like “everything just to have you here, to have you here with me.”

Speaking openly about the single and her inspiration, Nadia explained, “Some people have mentioned that the lyrics seem a little sad because it's about wishing for something that is lost and can never be reclaimed. But that's not how I see the lyrics: it's more a feeling that a person may have for an instant that vanishes away because it's not realistic and they're aware of that delusion after a split second. There's no such thing as the ‘one that got away’ or ‘what could've been’ those are all delusions. But every song or message is built on a tiny twinge that you may feel and that's what makes songs relatable. We all feel things in a tiny moment that may not be our true lasting feelings or way of thinking. They are fleeting thoughts that sometimes become songs if you're a songwriter.”

She continued, “I wanted to capture that driving beat you might hear in an old Springsteen or Patti Smith song but layered it with synths to give it a bit of an 80s push. I hope people crank this one while they're on a road trip or on their way home from work. It needs the movement of driving to really feel it.”

A single that hits with an ensnaring rock sound on the surface, but hints at darker, more intoxicating thoughts beneath the surface, ‘Have You Here’ is immersive, expressive, and unforgettable. Available now on all major platforms, the single proves that Nadia is a true talent to watch.

Score: 8/10

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