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Nasty Lad – ‘Sleep till Sunset’

  • 2 min read

A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Nasty Lad has been a fixture of the ambient scene ever since his debut EP dropped midway through 2019. Since then, he’s been carving out a unique legacy, one that has been built on a strong foundation of what he likes to call "misanthropic Southern bedroom pop". With a penchant for blending dark themes and textures with light airy vocals, Nasty Lad‘s work has become synonymous with genre-bending brilliance, and while tracks like ‘I’d Rather Be At Home’ and ‘Feelin’ Blue’ might still be conquering Spotify, it’s his latest single that has really blown us away.

Taken from his upcoming sophomore record, ‘Sleep till Sunset’ was written and recorded amid a historic snowstorm that saw Nasty Lad’s new home in Austin without power or water for days. It was an unprecedented and terrible event, and as a result, the song comes filled with a sense of dreamy escapism, one that looks past the hardships and towards better days.

Arguably one of the most evocative releases you’ll find this year, ‘Sleep till Sunset’ arrives with a stylish fusion of sound, stitching together a cascade of light, flickering synths and warm bass tones. It's a shifting and wonderfully emotive introduction, and the tones set the scene perfectly, giving space for the song to evolve into a fine blend of reverb-soaked vocals shimmering shoegaze vibes, unleashing a contemplative sound that grows and grows until it completely absorbs you.

Thoughtful, honest, and wonderfully authentic, there is so much to unpack and discover about ‘Sleep till Sunset’ that one listen will never be enough. An addictive, meditative release, everything about the single, from the way Nasty Lad’s vocals weave through the instrumentation, to the introspective vocals and ethereal production is built to evoke a response and does just that every time you hit play.

A brilliant indication of what we can expect when Nasty Lad’s new album drops later this year, ‘Sleep till Sunset’ is beautifully crafted and filled with both personal connections and universal appeal, making it one of the most enticing independent anthems we’ve ever come across.

You can stream the full single above via Spotify and be sure to follow Nasty Lad on his social media pages below, so you don’t miss out on his sophomore record when it drops.

Score: 9/10

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