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New World Ray – ‘New World Wednesday (Season 1)’

  • 2 min read

A London-based artist who has been carving out his space-inspired journey through modern hip-hop, New World Ray is easily one of the UK’s most visionary new talents. Armed with a unique, celestial sound reminiscent of Kanye West’s golden years, New World Ray has become one of the hottest new names on the scene, and now, with the release of his ambitious new project, he’s about to become an international name.

Titled ‘New World Wednesday (Season 1)’, the new project arrives as a stellar opportunity for New World Ray to showcase his abilities, delivering a constant stream of hits that shine alongside some impressive visuals. A brilliant project that was produced solely by New World Ray, the EP features a different artist on each of the four tracks, delivering a comprehensive and wonderfully diverse sound that will have you absolutely enraptured.

Opening with ‘New Chanel’ which features some stellar bars from L.A. talent JELEEL!, the new project hits hard with a dark eclectic energy, ripping away any preconceived ideas you might have and filling the void with a heavy stream of laser-focused beats. Building momentum, the opening cut takes hold with a quickfire vocal refrain that gauges away, creating an unhinged and absolutely undeniable track. In second track ‘Area 51’, New World Ray joins forces with Kasien to unleash a truly cinematic cut, one that shines with dark pop-inspired sounds, space-age vibes, and stark echoes of golden age RnB. It’s a sound that is familiar, entrancing, and fiercely original, shaking the genre to the core.

In the latter half of the project, ‘Slayoffs’ brings a keen feature from $odaman, landing hard with a more ambient cosmic sound that weaves light stepping beats and swirling synth sounds with drifting, shimmering vocals. An expressive offering, ‘Slayoffs’ perfectly plays into closing number ‘Yingani’, laying down a platform for more hallucinogenic sounds, twisted nostalgic pop-influences, and defiant trap echoes that perfectly illustrate the talents of both New World Ray and Uglymoss.

A release that champions a new movement in modern hip-hop, ‘New World Wednesday (Season 1)’ is an impressive blend of woozy, elastic beats and sharp hip-hop overtones that New World Ray can be proud of. A brave and ultimately bold release, the EP is hugely effective, and with the potential for a second season, we can’t wait to see what else New World Ray has in store.

Along with the release of the new EP, New World Ray is also currently working on a full-length project titled ‘Light Speed’ which is slated for release later this year. Check out the new EP above and be sure you follow New World Ray on his social media pages below, so you never miss a release.

Score: 8/10

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