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Nightbird Casino – ‘The Town’

  • 2 min read

Rising from the ashes of I Lit a Fire, James Moore and Don Shepherd’s Nightbird Casino official came into being back in 2017, and they wasted no time in unleashing their debut four-track EP, ‘Everything Has Happened Before’. Armed with an expressive, experimental sound that blurred the lines between art-rock and electronica, Nightbird Casino’s arrival on the Las Vegas strip was an undeniable triumph, and in the years that followed, the talented duo continued to impress, delighting fans and critics alike when their debut record landed in October last year.

Quarantined in James’ home studio in Oregon, Nightbird Casino have had plenty of time to create, and today they’re busy championing the release of their new single ‘The Town’, one of several stunning tracks taken from their up-and-coming sophomore album, ‘Russian Carpet’.

A single that rallies around a layered experimental sound, ‘The Town’ echoes with elements of art-rock, grunge, jazz and modern electronica, forming around an existential and brilliantly chaotic sound that will shake you to your core. A fine fusion of tender melodies and cascading tones, ‘The Town’ constantly shifts and evolves, breaking new ground and channelling new energy through some textured vocal harmonies and plenty of soul.

Speaking candidly about the new single, the band explained, “Our music is a unique blend of alternative, indie, and space rock with elements of classical, jazz, and electronica while our lyrical themes revolve around existentialism, philosophy, and psychedelia.”

Sweetly psychotropic and infinitely enjoyable, ‘The Town’ pairs a sonic-driven sound with a playfully avant-garde approach to production, ensuring that the track holds on to its energy and authenticity time and time again.

Available now ahead of their second album ‘Russian Carpet’, which is slated for release this summer, ‘The Town’ is everything we’ve come to love about Nightbird Casino and more.

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