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Nirvana Flux – ‘U, Too’

  • 3 min read

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but now living his best life in Phoenix, Arizona, Nirvana Flux is a part of a new generation of artists who first found their path through poetry. A talented wordsmith who stands firm as a poet first and foremost, Nirvana Flux has been carving his own unique path through life with truth, authenticity, and undeniable substance. While his words might have already travelled around the world, Nirvana Flux’s music is only just taking off, and it all begins with ‘U, Too’, his first commercial release.

Released on Dmani Music International and echoing with a contemporary RnB sound, ‘U, Too’ is heartfelt, expressive, and impossible to deny, capturing a side to Nirvana Flux that will surely resonate with everyone who is lucky enough to hear it.

Opening with smooth autotuned vocals, cinematic, sweeping melodies and glistening keys that bring an instant sense of depth to the track, ‘U, Too’ sets the stage perfectly. With textured, rolling tones, quick-stepping, nuanced percussion, and a shifting roster of vocals that shine with their own sense of self, there is an untamed, free-wheeling energy that holds you in place, carrying you forward and wrapping you in smooth soul atmospherics. As the track keeps building and Jungle Leez enters the frame, the song shifts to deliver an undeniable groove and plenty of contemporary swing, creating a confident, seductive, and beautifully paced sound that no one will be able to stand against.

Later in the track, there’s another brilliant shift as Nirvana Flux unleashes his own impressive rap verse, taking the spotlight and creating a fitting contrast to Joseph Anthony’s smooth vocals that linger throughout the track. It’s a perfect fit for the breakdown in the instrumentals, adding another layer to Nirvana Flux’s vision, while also emphasising the overall quality and creativity that has gone into making ‘U, Too’ that track that it is.

While ‘U, Too’ might not be one of the first neo-soul tracks to try and make its mark on 2021, it’s definitely one of the most successful, and everything from the glossy production to the smooth, exhilarating transitions and free creative expressionism makes it utterly essential. A triumph that will surely impress any fan of contemporary hip-hop, soul, RnB, and trap, ‘U, Too’ is an instantly enjoyable blend of Nirvana Flux’s poetic leanings and musical wanderings. Stream it below on Soundcloud.

When speaking about his debut release as a musician, Nirvana Flux explained that he “believes in the truth of authenticity in personality and substance in words”, and on ‘U, Too’, he’s been able to take that essence and showcase it masterfully. Perfectly produced and built to inspire, ‘U, Too’ is a masterful illustration of all three artists’ abilities, as well as an incredibly promising introduction to Nirvana Flux’s immersive, poetic style.

You can stream ‘U, Too’ above via Soundcloud, and make sure you follow Nirvana Flux on his various social media pages below, so you never miss a new release.

Score: 8.5/10

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