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NOYZ – ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’

  • 2 min read

A bold new rapper from the American heartlands, NOYZ found his calling early in life, falling in love with descriptive writing and tall tales at a young age. After first toying with the idea of becoming a novelist or scriptwriter, NOYZ emersed himself in rap culture, stitching together his twin passions and emerging as a full-fledged rapper. In 2019, after filling countless notebooks with rhymes, verse, and beats, NOYZ took the brave step of releasing his music into the world, and as the months passed, he graced us all with the release of his debut three-track EP, ‘ENVY’.  

A slow-burning triumph, ‘ENVY’ set the standard for NOYZ’s music, layering down a strong foundation from which he has continued to grow and improve. Most recently, NOYZ released his debut album, the aptly titled ‘Now I See’, and from it, the first titanic single, ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’.

An emotive, piano-led track that opens with the wistful words of “well, it was just a dream”, ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ is a rare triumph, one that strips away the typical hip-hop cliches and delivers an authentic slice of true hip-hop. As the main hook arrives, a definitive feel-good vibe emerges, dancing between vibrant anthemics and inspirational lyrics to define the track with crystal clear clarity. Speaking of the track, NOYZ told us that, “it’s a song where I really tried to expand my voice and experiment”, and you can really tell that he’s put the work in to make that happen. Impressively, NOYZ takes things to a whole new level with his vocals, switching things up with a catchy vocal melody that will charm and entertain in equal measure.

Released alongside a sharp music video that you can stream below via YouTube, ‘Don’t Let Me Fall’ is a wonderfully evocative glimpse into the direction that NOYZ is taking, as well as a unique insight into the full album.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Now I See’ is a bold and utterly essential new release that will entertain even the most stubborn of hip-hop fans. Tune in today and don’t forget to follow NOYZ on his social media pages below so you never miss a new release.

Score: 8/10

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