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Oblivion – ‘Lighthouse (Feat. Ava Suzanne)’

  • 2 min read

Born in Delhi, India and raised on a variety of musicians, styles, and genres, Dhruv Singh, better known by his musical moniker of Oblivion, was always destined to make music. Shaped by his passions and influences, as well as by his formative years playing the piano, Oblivion’s music is bold, innovative, and refreshingly unique, offering a bold, original sound that perfectly encapsulates his way of life and dedication to his art.

After first appearing on the music scene in 2019 with the release of his debut single ‘Hurting Me’, Oblivion has continued to release a steady stream of singles, pushing his techno-infused sound to whole new levels. Today though, it’s all about his latest single, ‘Lighthouse’, a massive new release featuring the one and only, Ava Suzanne.

Released via Hungarian label LoveStyle Records, Oblivion’s new single is arguably one of his best, defining his sound with a sense of control and confidence that bolsters his already impressive techno style. Opening with a smooth, but undeniably ensnaring sound, ‘Lighthouse’ delivers a deft stream of electronic beats that shine with a unique, wonderfully cultivated lightness. It’s a rhythmic and engaging piece, and as Ava’s vocals fade into view, the song evolves into a golden strand of electronic brilliance.

Polished and perfectly paced, ‘Lighthouse’ transitions several times throughout its three-and-a-half-minute run, constantly layering a dynamic, shifting medley of electronic beats and beautifully textured scales to create a stunning example of contemporary electronica. Showing his full range of talents, ‘Lighthouse’ ebbs and flows, dancing between minimalist sounds that let Ava’s vocals and emotive lyrics shine, and vibrant, incandescent beats that just never quit.

A near-perfect collaboration that both Oblivion and Ava can be proud of, ‘Lighthouse’ has all the hallmarks of a modern techno epic. You can stream the single above via YouTube, or find it on all major platforms by clicking here.

Score: 8.5/10

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