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Perditio – ‘Delectably Dark’

  • 2 min read

An independent record label founded by a unique team of misfits, Perditio is easily one of the most exciting and innovative projects around. Acting as a bridge for artists, venues, and event promoters to engage with audiences, Perditio are rebels dedicated to supporting the rising stars of the independent scene, and with the new album, they’ve shone an undeniable light on some truly incredible talents.

Titled ‘Delectably Dark’, the new album is a ground-breaking slice of contemporary house brilliance, one that crosses continents and defies categorisation. Built on the talents of an impressive collection of artists from all across the globe, ‘Delectably Dark’ revels in an immersive mix of high energy afro, future tech, and lavish deep house sounds that perfectly highlight the uniqueness and diversity of the future house genre. An album filled with highlights, ‘Delectably Dark’ earns its title with songs like ‘OTT’, ‘Like This Shxt’, ‘Can’t Be’, and ‘Awakened’.

Embracing mixed melodies, genre-bending tones, and ever-evolving energy, there’s so much to love and experience, and as each track hits, the album builds into a perfect medley of indulgent soundscapes that will charm, impress, and completely intoxicate.

When speaking of the album, Perditio candidly explained, “We recognize our platform could be used to build unforgettable experiences with artists that help them break into larger markets. We curate the fun. The energy we want to convey to our audience in every interaction is: Perditio is where the fun lives. When it's all about the music, you build a community of people that can always find the fun.”

You can stream ‘Delectably Dark’ in full below via Spotify.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Delectably Dark’ is one of those rare releases that prove just how expansive and powerful a genre can be, and whether you’re a fan of house music or not, it’s an album that simply needs to be experienced.

Check out the new record above, and make sure you follow Perditio on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or visit their website so you never miss a release.

Score: 8.5/10

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