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Peter Kasen – ‘Second Skin’

  • 2 min read

A singer and songwriter who has been described as “the epitome of an independent musician”, Peter Kasen is no stranger to the ever-evolving music scene. With six albums and three singles already to his name, the Miami-based artist has brought his heartfelt sound to stages across the USA and internationally, winning over the hearts and minds of fans and critics alike, but never has he sounded more raw or vulnerable as he does on the stunning new single ‘Second Skin’.

An upbeat single built on layers of acoustic guitar, ‘Second Skin’ sees Peter opening up to his audience, addressing old scars and learning how to move on from past pain. A perfect illustration of his unique style, the new single shines with a raw acoustic sound, one that is beautifully expressive and utterly impossible to deny. Lyrically, there is plenty to enjoy, and Peter’s words revel in a soothing, cathartic sound that will mend the soul and help calm even the wildest heart.

An undeniable instrumental that blends seamlessly with thought-provoking lyrics and soulful harmonies, there is magic within ‘Second Skin’ that deserves to be heard and appreciated. From the blissful guitar riffs to the soothing, overarching sound that echoes through the shifting chord structures, everything about ‘Second’ skin resounds with an uplifting, positive resonance, making it one of the most moving and enchanting independent releases you’ll hear in this or any other year.

While rooted firmly in a traditional DIY style, ‘Second Skin’ brings with it a dynamic, uplifting melody that makes it both approachable and accessible, ensuring that no matter your background or pain, you’ll be able to connect and find some solace.

Available now on most major platforms, including YouTube where it has already attracted over 10,000 views, ‘Second Skin’ is a powerful example of Peter’s artistry. You can tune in to the new single above and be sure to follow Peter on his social media pages below, so you never miss a release.

Score: 8.5/10

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