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Polyphonic Exophilia – ‘Vol. 3’

  • 2 min read

A fresh and innovative music project formed in the early months of this year, Norway’s Polyphonic Exophilia (abbreviated as PPXP) have quickly become one of the most talked-about intriguing acts of the last few years. Based out of the rural region called Hadeland, north of the Norwegian capital Oslo, the band first rose to prominence with the release of their debut EP, the aptly titled ‘Vol. 1’. Since then, they’ve continued to impress fans and critics alike, expanding their reach and adding new volumes to their ever-growing collection.

Forming during one of the most stressful and volatile periods in recent memory, PPXP’s emergence is a story of post-traumatic growth and survival. In a pre-pandemic world, the members of PPXP had all enjoyed their own solo endeavours, but as society ground to a halt and the pressure on artists built, they were forced to explore new methods, arenas and ways to collaborate. The result is a collective like no other, one that incorporates musicians, a recording studio and a record label, all stitched together into a unique experience that is constructed under pressure and designed to thrive in the face of external stressors.

A highly conceptual project, PPXP boldly explored the different sides of their “sensual progressive alternative soul-funk” sound in ‘Vol. 2’, but for their latest instalment, they’ve explored more metaphysical spaces, producing four new tracks that reflect the different phases of time, from the past, present, and future, to the limitless ‘spacetime’.

Opening with soft, wandering tones, ‘Vol. 3’ creates an instant impressive, fading into view with a gorgeous, cascading sound that quickly transitions into a vibrant burst of contemporary funk tones. Expressive and wonderfully engaging, the spacious soul-funk sound remains a centrepiece through the new EP, offering a shifting extra-terrestrial soundscape that evolves with each piece. As time passes and the EP unfolds, PPXP invokes more light, musical touches and nuanced instrumentals the flitter above the heavy bass grooves, controlled rhythms, and textured celestial compositions.

While each song shines with its own sense of character, PPXP’s warm, soulful instrumentals perfectly tie everything together, creating a shimmering polyphonic odyssey that constantly holds you on the edge of anticipation.

Speaking openly about the new project, PPXP explained, “we want this project to be as exciting and unpredictable for its audience as it is for the participating artists,” and on ‘Vol. 3’, they’ve certainly achieved that. Inherently collaborative and filled with expansive, limitless sound, the new EP sees PPXP evolving and embracing new directions, building on their past successes to create some of their best music to date.

Embracing joint ventures both local and abroad, PPXP is open to any collaborations with artists, dancers, musicians, or anyone who wishes to join them in the exploration of the unknown. Along with the new EP, they’ll also be releasing a series of singles that feature collaborations with Japanese and French artists.

Score: 8.5/10

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