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Race to Neptune – ‘Share My Frequency’

  • 2 min read

An impressive and wonderfully unique band with a penchant for creating artful, yet powerful indie rock, Race to Neptune have been carving their own niche within the music industry. Driven by soaring guitar solos, gritty distortion, and stomping rhythms that bolster heartfelt, poetic lyrics, they’ve found a sound that is brilliantly reminiscent of the ‘90s alt. rock scene and ‘60s psychedelia, while also unmistakably modern.

To date, the band have made themselves known through a string of critically acclaimed release, earning positive reviews all across their native USA and beyond, and now, with the recent release of ‘Share My Frequency’, they’ve won over Australia too. A brand new EP that boasts six impressive alt. rock anthems, ‘Share My Frequency’ is arguably the band's most complete and comprehensive release so far, delivering a true and unwavering illustrating of their anthem sound.

Opening with angst-laden single ‘Unnatural Desires’, the EP kicks hard and pushes itself forward, bringing with it a wave of nostalgic wonder. It’s a driven alt. rock cut pulled straight from the golden era of the genre, setting the stage for things to come in perfect fashion. Straying into more rough-cut, pop-punk territory, ‘Motion Blur’ breaks the mould before slowly piecing it back together, while the more nuanced and hopeful tones of ‘Will the King’ fade into view to deliver some space and much needed catharsis.

Fourth cut ‘Mr. Sweet’ captures a more textured and orchestrated style, before the band lay down the heavy, atmospheric sounds of ‘Her Last Vengeance’, a dark and stormy single that stands out as an unyielding high point on the release. Finally, ‘Watch It Bleed’ arrives as a massive, seven-minute epic that highlights the band’s talents in stunning form, pushing boundaries and driving home a bold creative spirit. It’s a landmark and potentially career-defining track, making it the perfect way to end the EP.

A daring and absolutely triumphant release, ‘Share My Frequency’ is a standout record for the year. It’s a release that hits hard and then keeps on hitting, with Race to Neptune ensuring no listener escapes unscathed, and for that, we can only thank them.

Score: 8.5/10

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