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Radio Drive – ‘Cast Out Your Light’

  • 2 min read

An artist who has received rave reviews and radio play from around the world, Radio Drive has been entertaining fans for years, delivering his heartfelt blend of alternative rock music through ten independently released albums, several impressive EPs, and countless singles. Inspired by the Beatles, U2, and Coldplay, Radio Drive has long since developed a sound that is tender, earthy, and filled with gorgeous, emotive overtones, but never before has it felt more present than on his new single ‘Cast Out Your Light’.

A deft and beautifully crafted release, Radio Drive’s new single is both elegant and poignant, showcasing stripped-back songwriting and a pure, uncluttered performance. Far away from the boisterous pop of today, ‘Cast Out Your Light’ stands firm as an honest track backed in perfect form, by Radio Drive’s vocals and an effortlessly multi-layered harmony.

Singing of hope and optimism, Radio Drive's vocals ring with sincerity, pushing to inspire those around him to make the world a better place by letting their light shine. The lyrics are simple, offering a calling refrain of the title nestled between the harmony, while a driving guitar chord acts as a nice counterweight to the vocals, and the keyboards, drums, and bass create a solid rhythm that pushes the song forward.

Simple, but effective, ‘Cast Out Your Light’ is no frills pop that works because of its honesty and sincerity. Available now, it’s the latest in a long line of impressive singles that might not be the most musically complex, but nevertheless find their mark thanks to Radio Drive’s integrity.

In the past, Radio Drive has been called “an artist who excels in creating simple yet masterful music”, and his latest single is another example of just that. Radiating a positive energy that reaches every note of the track, ‘Cast Out Your Light’ resonates perfectly within our day and age, offering a slice of old age wonder that is classically Radio Drive.

Score: 7.5/10

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