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Alana Joanne – ‘Undress Me’

  • 2 min read

Hailing from Noarlunga, South Australia, Alana Joanne has quickly become one of the nation’s leading pop icons, blazing a unique trail with an engaging blend of pop, RnB, and dance. Since moving to Melbourne in 2014, Alana wasted no time in announcing herself to the pop world, forcing her way into the spotlight with an unparalleled sense of musicianship, soaring, pitch-perfect vocals and visceral beats that both honour and extend a rich RnB lineage.

A true talent, Alana first proved her abilities with the release of debut EP, ‘Fearless’, a pop-infused epic that led to a breakthrough collaboration with Connor James in ‘Shadows’. They were impressive releases that proved Alana’s talents beyond any shadows of a doubt, but now, with the release of new cut ‘Undress Me’, Alana has pushed things even further, crafting a deft soundscape from a series of layered dances sounds and unforgettable pop energy.

A wonderfully personal piece, ‘Undress Me’ is arguably Alana’s most raw and vulnerable release to date, seamlessly combining universal appeal with true and unyielding human moments. Polished to a perfect pop sheen, the single finds its feet through waves of shimmering synths and an unstoppable beat. The dance influence is obvious and perfectly placed, creating a glistening atmosphere and impenetrable wall of sound from which the more nuanced elements of the song can take flight.

Authentic, spellbinding and completely disarming, Alana’s true colours shine through the more subtle moments, ensuring the song is elevated to something more than your typical dance anthem. Upbeat and filled with sultry sounds, the passion and lust of the track are captured perfectly through Alana’s vocals and lyrics, creating a dynamic and undeniable moment of musical infatuation.


An instant hit, there is plenty to appreciate in ‘Undress Me’, and even after just one listen, you’ll find it playing through your head in a constant and wonderful loop. In every aspect, the single is a joyous and emotive blend of universal pop and shimmering electronics, ensuring that Alana will be a global star before 2020 comes to its end.

You can stream the new single above via Soundcloud, and you read all about Alana’s upcoming releases in our latest in-depth interview by clicking here. You can also connect with Alana on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all the latest news and upcoming shows.

Score: 8.5/10

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