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Alex VanTrue – ‘Replay’

  • 3 min read

A uniquely talented singer, musician, and producer, Alex VanTrue has been refining his talents for years as the leader of one of Europe’s top tribute bands, One Vision. Along with his tributes to Queen, Alex is also a highly successful and sought-after session singer, lending his vocals to countless projects from across the globe. In his new project, the wonderful ‘Replay’, Alex has truly outdone himself, bringing to life a four-decade-long story of love, loss, and hope.

A collaborative project between Alex and songwriter James Fairchild, ‘Replay’ is arguably one of the most evocative and emotionally powerful singles to appear on the front page of our website. After nearly forty years of searching for the perfect singer to breathe life into his lyrics, James and Alex finally found one another, working together to create a raw and passionate single that promises to stand the test of time.

The story of ‘Replay’ takes us back to 1982, rolling the clock back nearly four decades to the fateful day when James first met Diane. From a few brief meetings sparked a burning romance, one that the young lovers found themselves hopelessly lost in. Despite Diane’s marriage, the two struck up an affair, and within two-and-a-half months, the two lovers found they were expecting a child together. It was earth-shattering news that would ultimately lead to tragedy and the breakdown of their relationship, and while the two remained close friends, the romance was left to dwindle. A few years later, Diane split from her husband and moved to Texas, striking up a new romance, while James went on to meet his first wife, Tammy, settlings down and having a child of his own. Fast-forward to 2010 and the breakdown of James’ first marriage, and he began to look for Diane, only to find that she had tragically passed away in 2005.

Without closure and with a growing sense of guilt, James was driven to write ‘Replay’, eventually releasing it in June of 2020. A wonderfully reflective piece that perfectly captures the love, loss, hope, and faith that James experienced in those ever-changing years, ‘Replay’ arrives as a resounding and triumphant piece of acoustic rock that will linger on your palette for years to come.

From a deft stream of acoustic guitar comes a sombre, beautifully raw melody that shapes the tone of the song, offering a textured and atmospheric backdrop for Alex’s vocals. It’s a perfect storm that settles upon the listener, balancing melancholic verse with soaring choruses that are filled with longing and regret. Its true emotion distilled into nearly four-minutes of enchanting, indie-rock sound, and if you’re not moved by either James’ words or Alex’s vocals, then you must have a heart of stone.

While not everyone will be able to relate perfectly with James’ story, the emotion behind it will undoubtedly capture the hearts and minds of its listeners, offering a deep and wonderfully meaningful experience that we can all love and enjoy.

As part of the musical experience, a website, Instagram, Facebook pages have been designed and dedicated to ‘Replay’, creating a safe space where listeners and fans can express their own thoughts, feelings, and experiences of what this song represents to them.

Score: 8/10

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