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Alpha Cat – ‘Thatched Roof Glass House’

  • 1 min read

Elizabeth McCullough, better known by her creative moniker Alpha Cat, is a woman of many talents. A photographer, composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and performer, to name just a few of her enduring talents, Elizabeth has recently returned to the world of music, championing the release the of ‘Thatched Roof Glass House’, her first Alpha Cat release in more than a decade.

Bringing to the fore seven original songs that tread a deft folk-rock path, ‘Thatched Roof Glass House’ is a challenging and unsettled release, one that springs into existence with defiance, angst, and an unstoppable sense of melody. Musically sound and wonderfully personal, the album explores a medley of universal feelings, delving into the still waters of shyness, loss, and social isolation.

Its tracks ‘Every Day You Break My Heart’, ‘One Day the Sun Came Up’, and closing number ‘Reconsider Me’ speak volumes to the emotional clarity of the album, stitching human moments with strands of tactile folk to create an overwhelming sense of sound. Elsewhere, emotion takes a backseat to more visceral musical whims, leaning on heavy guitar chords and jagged, melodic sounds that twist and turn around a central rock thread. It’s tracks like ‘Mona Lisa in Comic Book’ and the album’s title track that make this gentle balance work, with both sides of the album creating a strange sense of cohesion.

Undoubtedly talented, there is a confidence to Elizabeth’s sound that can’t be denied, creating a refreshing mix of sounds and styles that has undoubtedly benefited from Elizabeth’s time away from music.

Score: 8/10

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