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Andy Macktastic – ‘Summertime Rich’

  • 2 min read

A new artist who has been making waves on the underground scene, Andy Macktastic has been writing, recording, and performing in all genres and styles since he was just a kid. Describing his style as ‘country-pop with hip-hop influences’, Andy has set himself a mission to bring smiles and joy to his audience, wherever they might be.

With an unabashed love for the Summer, Andy has infused his latest track with sun-kissed Summer vibes and a true altruistic spirit, creating a balanced and uncompromising vision of his creative and personal dalliances. Titled ‘Summertime Rich’, Andy’s new single is an unapologetically vibrant mix of synth tones, simple melodies, and somewhat monotone vocals.

Cloaked in a tightknit weave of autotune and rolling reverb, ‘Summertime Rich’ carves a unique path that accurately reflects Andy’s ‘country-pop’ sound. It’s almost impossible to shake comparisons with Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’, but while that hit goes for cheap thrills and faux-country charm, Andy has grounded his song in a more authentic tack, bringing his vision to life with simple, but effective beats that carry his vocals well.

You could be forgiven for initially dismissing ‘Summertime Rich’, it’s not a loud or lavish track that demands attention, but instead, it’s a slow-building, atmospheric cut that takes its time to come to fruition, building that party anthem sound through a slow but deliberately paced series of tropical beats. Worthy of your time and attention, Andy’s music is the start of something big, and if Lil Nas X can make it, then there’s no reason he can’t.

‘Summertime Rich’ can be streamed above via YouTube, or through Andy’s official Spotify page and I Heart Radio. You can also purchase your very own copies of the track today through Amazon Music, CD Baby and more.

Score: 7/10

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