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Art Tawanghar – ‘Adagio Gm in 432 Hz’

  • 2 min read

A new release from new age musician and composer, Art Tawanghar, ‘Adagio GM in 432 Hz’ is perhaps one of the most intricate and deeply personal releases we’ve ever reviewed. To give it it’s full title, ‘Adagio Gm Tomaso Albinoni In 432Hz Ft. Negar Nick On Azari Kamancheh’ was inspired by Beethoven’s famous ‘Moonlight Sonata’, and just as Beethoven composed his piece to escape a place of hurt and tragedy, Tawanghar has created this new epic.

After separating from his family due to circumstances and conditions outside his control, Tawanghar composed ‘Adagio Gm in 432 Hz’ as a way to channel and manage his grief and anger, turning to music to help overcome his own personal pain. Originally composed by Tomaso Albiono in the 18th Century, Tawanghar chose ‘Adagio Gm’ as the vehicle for his recovery for its form and emotive nature, explaining, “I could not find any better track other than Adagio Gm, as it's super lush legato notes, truly reflect all the torn emotions and pain caused within me.”

Adding a new twist to the composition, as well as further emphasising the healing nature of the track, Tawanghar decided to record the piece in 432 Hz for the first time, a special frequency that resonates inside our body and is said to release emotional blockages and expand our consciousness. To do this, he enlisted the talented Negar Nick, a master of the Kamancheh, creating another first for the piece.

At just over seven-minutes long, the recording holds firm to its classical roots, but the shining contemporary nature cannot be ignored. Filled with a medley of powerful emotions and dramatic, musical turns, it’s a careening and wonderfully expressive piece that is almost impossible to ignore. Built from lingering Kamancheh notes that and beautifully dispersed between fleeting streams of piano notes, there is an immediacy and vibrancy that perfectly reflects the tumultuous and painful times that Tawanghar must have experienced.

The interplay between the two musicians cannot be understated, and the way in which they have transformed the original ‘Adagio Gm’, while still holding firm to its central melodies and values, is so beautifully done. While classical music might be something of a lost or fading art, Tawanghar has become a new champion for it, adapting the timeless style and its inherent emotional connections to create something wonderfully personal, but also widely relatable.

Easily one of his most visceral and impressive releases to date, ‘Adagio Gm in 432 Hz’ is a natural progression for the piece, proving that it’s just as powerful now as it was then. You can read more about the song and its inception over on Major Hit Records, and be sure to look back at our previous review of Tawanghar’s ‘Forbidden Harmonies Lounge World Music’.

Score: 8.5/10

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