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Art Tawanghar – ‘Forbidden Harmonies Lounge World Music’

  • 2 min read

A new age musician and composer, Art Tawanghar has risen to become one of the leading voices in electronic production, live instrumentation, and unique soul-searching sounds. A talented artist who has devoted himself to appreciating and understanding the world’s diverse cultures, looking deep within the spiritual world to unlock new sounds and realms of invention. Working as an independent art, and under the banner of the Majorhit label, Tawanghar’s music has helped him to grow both spiritually and creatively.

His latest full-length release, ‘Forbidden Harmonies Lounge World Music’ is one of Tawanghar’s most ambitious and expansive projects to date, bringing together six original pieces of music that reflect a blossoming range of cultures. A deft musical reference to the various instrumental systems that were developed across Mesopotamia, India, Persia, Egypt, China, Greece and Rome, the album seeks to use ancient notes and scales in a vibrant and undeniably modern way.

A definitive ‘world’ release, there is a seemingly limitless depth to the album, and Tawanghar’s ability to blend the traditional rhythms and instruments with modern production and melodies is second to none. While opening track ‘Che Khahad Shod’ flows with a timeless spirit and modern energy, ‘Akashic Records, Setar, Kamanche, Hang Drum Live Improvisations’ finds its strength in subtle, ruminating chords and a distinct atmospheric feel, proving that no two tracks on the album could ever be considered the same.

While the titles of both the album and songs might fool you into thinking that Tawanghar’s latest release is another cheesy, poorly produced release that would be found adorning the aisles of the cheapest tourist trap, the reality is that far different. A definitive case of not judging a release by its cover, ‘Forbidden Harmonies Lounge World Music’ is quite possibly one of the most intriguing releases you’ll hear this year.

You can stream the album in full via Soundcloud above, and on Spotify.

Score: 7.5/10

Connect with Art Tawanghar,

Connect with Art Tawanghar,