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Review: ATLVNTIS – ‘Circulation’

  • 2 min read

A German band with a unique synthpop sound, ATLVNTIS formed in May this year and have been carving their own path through the ever-changing indie soundscape ever since. Beginning with debut single ‘Ocean’, ATLVNTIS have forged a sound that combines synthetic tones with more organic elements of modern rock and vibrant pop, blending their heartfelt lyrics with sharp, emotive harmonies. Shining with promise, ‘Ocean’ laid the foundation for things to come, and now, with the release of new single ‘Circulation’, they’ve truly fulfilled their potential.

A modern pop song that rallies around a true indie vibe, ‘Circulation’ shines a light on the demons that hide within our darkest moments, capturing a universal sense of inner turmoil and portraying it with style and sensibility.

Rising from dark, lingering tones that are wrapped in gentle atmospherics, ‘Circulation’ takes its time, laying a foundation that underpins the explosive change of pace. Wrapped in a comforting and wonderfully familiar darkness, ATLVNTIS build their sound perfectly, giving you a false sense of what is to come before launching into a meteoric rush of electric guitars, calling vocals, and thunderous drums. Hitting hard and twisting the knife, ‘Circulation’ breaks with confidence, carving out a deep melody that enchants and ensnares in equal measure, capturing the highs and lows that constantly do battle in the furthest reaches of our minds.

More than just a single, ‘Circulation’ is a near-perfect musical reflection of our broken and bent mindsets, offering a universal and wonderfully poignant sound that we can all find shelter in. Musically, ATLVNTIS have been able to create an unforgettable experience, combining the most visceral and evocative elements of modern rock, expansive indie, and nuanced synthwave to produce their most impressive release to date.

You can stream ‘Circulation’ alongside the official music video above, or head on over to Spotify to add the track to all your favourite playlists.

Score: 8/10

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