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Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders - 'HillBilly Blues'

  • 2 min read

A trio of hard rock enthusiasts, Billy Roberts and The Rough Riders are the very definition or a powerhouse band. Forged from the creative talents and unrelenting spirit of Billy Roberts (vocals and guitar), Alex Quinn (lead guitar and production), and Rory Facione (drums), the band have become a growing success story, championing a sound that blends classic country and western with gritty, rock-heavy influences. Their latest album, ‘Greenbah’ was a triumph that highlighted their sound and introduced the wider world to their music.

A critically praised release, ‘Greenbah’ set the stage for their band’s latest country-infused anthem, ‘HillBilly Blues’, a rolling near-four-minute song that was released only a few days ago. Possibly their most accomplished song to date in terms of sheer force and immediate appeal, ‘HillBilly Blues’ is a deft wall of sound built from wailing guitar lines, rolling solos, and forceful, calculated beats. It’s easy to see that the real strength in the song comes from the brilliant work of Quinn, whose guitar seems to cut through the musical groundwork laid down by Roberts and Facione, adding a Marr-esque sound and quality that brings everything together in a transcending fashion. His solos punch through and mesmerise, capturing the listener’s attention wonderfully, while his constant work and companionship with the blazing trumpet sound just add that extra bit of character to the fold.

Quinn isn’t alone though, and praise has to be given to Facione and Roberts, who work perfectly fits the tone of the song. Billy’s lyrics and delivery brilliantly capture and emphasise the emotion of the song, while the energy from Facione’s percussive beats is second to none. It’s this combination of perfect balances that make ‘HillBilly Blues’ one of, if not the, best song to come from the band. Everything is layered, refined, and delivered in the right amounts, making the new cut one hell of a strong single.

Listen to ‘HillBilly Blues’ on SoundCloud and Spotify now!

Score: 8.5/10