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BLOCKED – ‘Winter Rubbish’

  • 2 min read

Melbourne has always been something of a creative haven in Australia; a cultural and spiritual centre where young indie artists can find their sound and indulge in their own life-affirming styles. In the case of new talent BLOCKED, Melbourne has once again opened up its beating creative heart, producing a raw and unrestrained artist that will soon be an international name.

With a sound that has been described as a “culmination of sentimental nostalgia and heartfelt longing”, BLOCKED has been building her musical legacy through a deft and brutally honest blend of strong lyricism and brave self-exploration, coupling soft, rhythmic guitars with lingering, bittersweet tones. After first making her mark with the release of debut album ‘almost for you but not really’ back in 2017, BLOCKED took 2019 by storm with the release of her latest three-track EP, the solitary ‘Winter Rubbish’.

An undeniable release that glistens with genuine lyrical content and raw emotionality, ‘Winter Rubbish’ offers another deeply intimate and wonderfully personal look into BLOCKED’s life, transporting the listener into an all too relatable world of hurt and melancholia. Opening number ‘feel like sheet’ fades into existence with an unmistakably raw sound, offering minimalistic guitar notes that ebbs and flow around BLOCKED’s hush, emotive vocals, laying a haunting foundation. It’s followed in quick succession by the broken dream of ‘just cried’, a twisted, yet melodic instrumental that fades away as quickly as it arrives, leaving an uneasy silence to introduce the final track of ‘I am sad’.

An unforgettable closing number, ‘I am sad’ is BLOCKED at her ethereal best, layering ghostly vocals into a cresting wave of indie sound. Backed by delicate guitar and filled with an unmistakable, heartfelt quality, it’s soft indie musings at its most poignant. Available now on Spotify and through BLOCKED’s official Bandcamp page, ‘Winter Rubbish’ is an unassuming and unpolished joy that will captivate any listener who is willing to look within.

With plans to release a new LP later this year, there's never been a better time to get acquainted with BLOCKED, so be sure to follow her on Bandcamp and Spotify below.

Score: 8/10

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