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Blue Painted Flag - 'Nearly Alive, Almost Home'

  • 2 min read

An underground indie artist from Sweden's capital, Blue Painted Flag was born from unlikely circumstances. The idea of Blue Painted Flag was forged in the crowded stands of local football games, where Stockholm's own Blue Stripes would take the field and entertain the crowds. An idea that was further built upon during long train rides to away games, the one-man musical act marries soft, calculated indie rock with stadium atmospherics to create something unique to the underground scene.

After making a deft mark with lead single, 'Basically Everything Is Just A Play', Blue Painted Flag has now released a full, three-track EP filled with his dark lyrics and mellow sounds. Throughout the three cuts, there is an overwhelming indie edge that is tussled by soft, rolling melodies and deceptive precision. Each track is arranged with subtle but deliberate finesse, arriving as immersive indie anthems that build atmospheres all of their own, while also culminating in a singular, enjoyable vision.

Lead single, 'Basically Everything Is Just A Play' is the star of the EP, forming itself from a deft mixture of looping drum beats and glistening guitar chords to create an intricate, but weightless sound. It’s a hazy melodic stroll through a unique world that Blue Painted Flag has artfully made, and in its near-five-minute journey, there is never a note that feels rushed or overplayed. It’s music made to sound effortless and heightened with a brilliant depth that seems too rare in modern debuts.

To not mention the other two tracks, ‘Peaches and Papers’ and ‘As It Should Be’ would be unfair, as they hold similar strengths to the leading track. Both hold firm to the smooth vocals and rolling atmospherics, but they shine with a more vibrant energy that while powerful, offers less of an emotive connection.

It’s hard to find true fault with the debut offering from Blue Painted Flag. The EP is unapologetic in its form, offering simple, but well-made music that doesn’t need glaring flourishes of modern pop or new age indie rock. It’s true, brilliantly made, and utterly enjoyable.

You can stream ‘Nearly Alive, Almost Home’ in full on SoundCloud and Spotify now.

Score: 8.5/10