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Boris Jelic – ‘Half God Half Devil’

  • 2 min read

Easily one of the most unique and captivating artists that we’ve ever covered, Boris Jelic is back in the spotlight with his most important work to date. A three-track release that sees the pioneer of ‘Gay Hip-Hop’ at his visceral best, ‘Half God Half Devil’ gleefully breaks all the unwritten rules of music, proving once and for all that Boris is in a league of his very own.

Heavily influenced by hip-hop, pop, and heavy metal, ‘Half God Half Devil’ is a surprisingly expansive release, offering three distinct cuts that shine with their own dark characters, while also bringing a universally positive and reflective vibe to the mix.

Opening with previous single ‘Queen of Self-Destruction’, Boris weaves his magic through a string of solitary piano keys, pushing through the dark ambience with a careful, nuanced style. It’s an engaging and wonderfully atmospheric beginning, one that sets the stage for the explosive, hip-hop-infused sound that is to come. A twisted medley of hard-hitting verse, classic hip-hop beats, and fierce electronic tones, it’s a song that sets a brilliant precedent for things to come.

The title track follows with an immediate pop sheen, layering dark, electronic sounds with quick-fire percussive beats and a sonically driven chorus that sees Boris exhuming his emotive demons with confidence. It’s an inescapable piece, one that holds you firmly and refused to let go, pulling you through to the other side without hesitation. Closing number ‘Youth’ arrives as arguably his most emotive, cutting a unique path that blends new-age rap with darker musical leanings. It’s an emotional rollercoaster of a piece, with Boris confronting his past and looking to the future.

While impressive just for its diverse sound, it’s the lyrics that really make the EP a triumph. Deeply personal, but universal enough that we can all find our own truth and lessons in them, Boris has been able to make a release that will speak to us all. In the past, we’ve all become well acquainted with Boris’ trademark sound, but on ‘Half God Half Devil’ he's proved just how powerful and important it really is.

Score: 8.5/10

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