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Boris Jelic – 'Sell Me Something'

  • 2 min read

One of Sweden’s great musical rebels, Boris Jelic has made a name for himself by rejecting the mainstream. After making a distinct mark with his singles ‘Freedom’ and ‘Not Afraid To Die’, Jelic soon found himself at the centre of a brand new genre, a style that he has named ‘Gay Hip Hop’. It’s a style that thrives on pushing boundaries, embracing darker tones, and forcing life’s experiences, and it’s become the perfect vehicle through which Jelic can openly speak his mind.

His latest single is ‘Sell Me Something’, a dark, electronic-infused track that is founded in Jelic’s own life experiences. Just like his life, the track is unique. It’s a rolling break away from everything conventional, combining club energy with a hip hop beats and a twisted vocal style to create an eclipsing atmosphere. A blend of conflicts and contrasts, ‘Sell Me Something’ is the combination of three talents, Britney Spears, Marilyn Manson, and Boris himself.

The energy and pop wonder of Britney’s work can clearly be heard, but ‘Sell Me Something’ also holds firm to the restrained anger and dramatic dark that most of Manson’s work is cloaked in. The brilliance of Jelic is how he managed to blend the two extremes into one cohesive piece. It’s not perfect, but then what Jelic is doing has never been done before. ‘Sell Me Something’ takes lead from the previous singles and pushes the bar further into the abyss.

No matter your thoughts on the track, you have to appreciate the creative force behind it. It’s something new, something rare and exciting, and it’s what has pushed Jelic into playing in some of the biggest clubs across Europe. For now ‘Sell Me Something’ might just be that latest flash of creative wonder to spark life into Jelic’s Spotify page, but in the long run, you can easily see it being the track that starts something massive.

Score: 7/10

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