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Dan Wande – ‘Wings’

  • 2 min read

A well-travelled musician making his mark on the industry, Dan Wande has been carving out his musical legacy for the better part of four decades. After playing and composing music for the majority of his life, and cutting his teeth in bands like Myopic Void, Grave, Vandee, Unit-X, Stella and SMILE, to name just a few, Dan is finally ready to unveil his solo aspirations, stepping out of his home studio and away from his quiet life in the North of Sweden to bring us to sharp, and very diverse EP’s.

His debut release, ‘Wings’ is the first in an expansive pair of recordings that are built to showcase Dan’s extensive talents. Released earlier this year, ‘Wings’ has already become something of a Spotify sensation, earning over 235,000 cumulative streams already, along with coverage on several national radio stations. Written, produced, and arranged solely by Dan himself, and brought to life with the help of a talented roster of studio musicians, ‘Wings’ is the first brief glimpse into the beating creative heart of Dan Wande.

A three-track collection, ‘Wings’ opens with a sultry strand of piano keys and tapered saxophone, building an unmistakable, jazz-infused sound that perfectly encapsulates the soul of the title track. A slow-burning and wonderfully evocative piece, ‘Wings’ transitions from smokey blues to a nostalgic wave of alternative rock, kicking up dust around a nuanced percussive beat, smooth guitar chords and Dan’s own calling vocals. It’s a fine blend of old school sounds that manage to strike as fresh, beginning the EP with confidence and a natural spark.

Second track, ‘Woman’ cuts an instant rock form with wailing electric guitar and Dan’s howling vocals soaring over a finely layered drum track. Its sharp ‘80s rock brought kicking and screaming into the modern age, complete with cries of “let’s go” announcing a fierce guitar solo. As the song fades, closing number ‘Hey Hey Honey’ comes into view, bringing with it a calling, more melancholic sound. Still defiant in its rock ‘n’ roll sound, the closing number illustrates a more sentimental side of Dan’s musical repertoire, completing the trilogy of songs with a deft touch.

While Dan might call his music just a hobby for now, ‘Wings’ has a spark of something more to it, and while it’s not ground-breaking, it’s solid, strong, and definitely worth listening to. A colourful introduction to an impressive new talent, ‘Wings’ is streaming now on all major platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, and more.

Score: 7/10

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