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Daryl Yahudy – 'Soulful Life Within'

  • 2 min read

There has always been an almost indistinguishable line between poetry and music. The spoken word genre has long since dabbled in music streams of rhythmic beats and melodic notes, leading the world to experience the work of legends such as Gil-Scott Heron and Tupac Shakur. In their wake, new stars have risen, bringing the intimate beats of their genre to a new generation of listeners. Kate Tempest and recent Mercury-award winner Benjamin Clementine have all done their part so far, but now it’s Daryl Yahudy’s turn to take up the gauntlet.

A poet, singer, and songwriter, Daryl Yahudy hits out in spectacular fashion with ‘Soulful Life Within’, a debut album packed to the brim with spoken word gems, Afro-Jazz beats and deep R’n’B soul. It’s an illuminating collection of sixteen cuts that see Yahudy’s words joining hands with acoustic soul, fusing together to forge a deft musical journey.

While tracks such as ‘Return For You’ and ‘Virtuous’ will surely grab your attention, it’s the intimate appeal of Yahudy’s more graceful and powerful songs that will hold you in place. Arriving initially through the authentic notions of ‘Example’, the album blossoms into a flowing masterclass in balancing accessible sounds with unique, intelligent lyrics. ‘Nothing Compares’ holds beauty in its emotive progression, while ‘Empty’ is powerful in so many indescribable ways, and by the time ‘Beauty Within’ emerges from the low static of your speakers, it’s inarguably clear that ‘Soulful Life Within’ is something truly special.

A brave endeavour, ‘Soulful Life Within’ emerges as one of the most complete debut’s we’ve ever had at Broken 8 Records. It’s poetic and brilliantly well-constructed, managing to remain more accessible than Clementine and Tempest’s work, while still maintain the same level of emotive quality that makes them great. A growing wonder, ‘Soulful Life Within’ in an album that deserve to be heard, and Yahudy is a talent that more than deserve to be listened to.

Score: 9/10