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Depression, Baby – ‘Isolation’

  • 3 min read

A five-piece indie band from the creative heart of North London, Depression, Baby have been carving a path through the mainstream since 2018, spreading their unique retro-pop sound through the very core of England and the greater United Kingdom. A talented young troupe consisting of Dan Tredgold, Nathan Garrity, Nima Chatrizeh, Dan Garcia, and Tommy Arch, the band spark with an eclectic sound that was born out of a natural consumer creative mentality.

A visceral and wonderfully self-aware outfit, the band took their name as a reminder of the discomfort and almost laughable awkwardness many of us feel when discussing personal issues, be it with friends, therapists, or even ourselves. It a poignant sentiment, one the permeates all aspects of their style and sound, blending emotion with sharp indie melodies akin to that of Arctic Monkeys, Father John Misty, Bombay Bicycle Club, Mac Demarco, Timber Timbre, and Frank Ocean.

Now in their second year of releasing music, the band have found fresh focus, pushing to create a body of work that truly highlights their eclecticism and modern-day energy. It’s easy to see that the band strive to stand out, staying true to their own creative visions rather than trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd, and now, with the release of their latest singles ‘Isolation’, they’ve stood out in the very best of ways.

A track that hits with an immediate and unmistakable groove, ‘Isolation’ cuts through the airwaves with a shimmering indie sound, layering bright harmonies with clever digital flourishes to produce an instantly engaging sound. With universal appeal and an unshakable melody, the song expands with the introduction of Dan’s vocals, sweeping through the enduring melodies of the track and resonating with true emotive forced. It’s this heartfelt and wonderfully emphatic nature that creates the cornerstone of the ‘Isolation’, laying down a strong and refreshingly original path that the instrumentals build off beautifully. It’s a song that reflects on the unprecedented global situation, digging deep into the core of the pandemic, isolation, and quarantines, and searching for that long-awaited silver lining.

A perfect balance of emotional weight and inventive brilliance, ‘Isolation’ is a track that not only captures a moment but elevates it, offering a new side to a familiar story. Both musically and lyrically, there is a power and passion that shines through every note of the single, combining to create a polished, perfectly produced and utterly irresistible ‘iso-anthem’.

In his own words, Dan perfectly described the sentiment of the song as being about, “those days where you struggle to feel connected to the outside world. Whether that’s because of your mental health, your relationship with your friends and family, or more recently the tyre fire that is 2020. For me, I’ve always found it difficult to look around and see that everyone goes through feelings of isolation. We can even find strength and solidarity through that shared experience, and I think that’s a really important thing to remember”.

Written in isolation, recorded in Isolation, but made for sharing, ‘Isolation’ is a perfect example of how music and humanity can combine to overcome even the harshest of trials. You can stream the track above via Spotify, and be sure to follow Depression, Baby on their social media pages below so you never miss a beat.

Score: 8.5/10

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