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DJ Yasmin – 'Nothing Wrong About It'

  • 1 min read

One of Indonesia’s most in-demand DJ’s, Fahria Yasmin, the creative force behind the DJ Yasmin moniker has slowly been coming to international prominence over the last few years. She is an award-winning DJ that brings with her a vibrant stage performance, conquering the club scenes across Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Macau, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Fast becoming a global sensation, DJ Yasmin’s latest release sees her teaming up with Audrey Tapiheru, a singer from the award-winning trio GAC. After a long process of creation and refinement, the collaboration has arrived as a tropical, house-influenced mini-epic. It’s a piece built on impulse and spontaneous fire, kicking EDM dust in the face of more patterned and pre-medicated tracks.

The song itself is a dynamic piece of electronic magic, tying together a pounding sound with expressive vocals, spinning the story of a girl and a boy expressing their deepest feelings. Crossing between the EDM and pop genres, ‘Nothing Wrong About It’ can be seen as an early triumph for DJ Yasmin. It’s the sort of single that can so easily work its way into your mind and stay there, driving on a relentless loop with catchy beats and heavenly vocals, soaring with each chorus and lighting airwaves on fire.

While her career in Indonesia has already taken off, it’s clear with ‘Nothing Wrong About It’ that DJ Yasmin as her eyes on a more global reputation. Part pop, part electronica, it’s easy to see the single being the hit that sends DJ Yasmin’s sound across international waters.

Score: 8/10

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