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EGxBH – ‘Altered Beings’

  • 2 min read

Formed a few years back in 2017 in the surrounding suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, EGxBH first starting piecing together their evocative sound as Eugeine Grey and The Bad Habits. While the moniker might have changed, their dark, rolling melodies and blood pumping rock sound has endured and evolved, blossoming into a raw and wonderfully unpolished sound skin to that of All Them Witches, Local H, Queens of the Stone Age, and the legendary Fugazi. In February of this year, the band released ‘Altered Beings’, the titular single from their upcoming EP and a damning statement of intent, and now, they’ve taken things to a whole new level with the release of the full EP.

Recorded at Million Yen Studios alongside mastermind Chris DeQuick, and available from the 26th of June onwards, the full ‘Altered Beings’ EP is an unrelenting release of snarling melodies post-industrial sounds that hold firm to a brash punk-rock vein. Opening with the near-five-minute epic of ‘FUBAR’, EGxBH carve out a raucous sound that would make band’s like Minor Threat and Highly Suspect proud. Jagged, unapologetic, and utterly unstoppable, it’s a visceral introduction that perfectly defines the EP.

Second cut ‘All In My Head’ strikes a similar chord, fading into view from a rolling bassline and swirling Pixies-style atmospherics. As guitar howl and grow in force, EGxBH push their sound into a more aggressive, grunge aesthetic, contrasting more emotive, lingering verse with titanic instrumentals in perfect fashion. Following tracks ‘Bonnie Situation’ and ‘Killer On The Loose’ offer a fine blend of dark, lingering balladry and aggressive post-rock anthemics that would easily fit alongside the desolate sounds Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes’ most recent LP, proving that EGxBH have the kind of sound that can sell out stadiums and captivate a generation.

Penultimate piece ‘She Gone’ showcases a more blues-inspired side to the band, blending a maelstrom of heavy guitar riffs with howling vocals, fierce percussion and one of the most inspired instrumental breakdowns that you’ll hear all year. One of many highlights that the EP has to offer, ‘She Gone’ fades into a deafening silence before you are launched into the striking blows of the titular track. It’s a massive musical moment, one that will have you pinned to the wall and begging for more.

There are few releases that hit with the same magnitude that ‘Altered Beings’ does, and even fewer that can keep on hitting song after song without tiring or even flinching. Packed with power and proficiency, ‘Altered Beings’ has the potential to see EGxBH become as big as Royal Blood or Drenge, ensuring that if the world wasn’t listening before, they sure as Hell will be now.

You can connect with EGxBH today on iTunes and Spotify, so be sure to tune in on June 26th when ‘Altered Beings’ will be officially released.

Score: 9/10

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