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Ellesse – ‘Butterflies’

  • 2 min read

A rising RnB talent and pop icon in the making, Ellesse has quickly become one of Oklahoma’s most exciting new stars. Although just twenty-three years old, Ellesse has already created a vibrant, pop-infused back catalogue that most artists could only dream of, starting with her debut single ‘Sedated’ back in 2015, right on through to her stellar EP, ‘Bipolar Baby’, which landed in the spotlight midway through 2018.

With a desire to be heard and a will to connect with her audience, Ellesse has always strived to bring positivity through her music, and with her new single ‘Butterflies’, she’s done just that. Arriving from a place of peace, love, happiness, and unwavering good vibes, ‘Butterflies’ emerges as a smooth, textured melody littered with light striking tones that pierce through the cascading waves of sound, carving out a softly spoken, but wonderfully serene presence. As the track continues, lingering bass tones revolve and land, building depth setting the stage for Ellesse’s unifying harmonies.

As the song evolves, a digital wash descends, creating a nuanced modern-pop sound that clings to her every move. It’s a flickering, but wonderfully peaceful sound, one that wraps itself warming around her immersive neo-soul vocals and blending into the unfolding central sound. It’s a drifting, wandering sound that slowly unwinds, creating an air of peace and serenity that carries you away, blending Ellesse’s musical reality with your own with effortless brilliance. As the song nears its end, it gradually unwinds and falls to silence, delivering you back into the grey haze of every day and leaving you wanting more.

A mystical, almost ethereal release, there is magic and joy hidden within the melodic folds of ‘Butterflies’, and it’s so easy to lose yourself in the fine, musical mist of it all. Universally appealing, and a wonderful escape from stresses and strains, Ellesse’s new single is a pristine moment of soothing soul-infused RnB that will easily impress all who tune in.

A dreamy, transient wonder, ‘Butterflies’ is available now on all major platforms.

Score: 7.5/10

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