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Eltronn – 'Metal Sunscape'

  • 2 min read

Formed in 2013, Eltronn is the digital moniker of British electronic artist Andrew Ellison. A solo artist who began his career under the name of Skinmechanic, Ellison first made a name for himself as a session musician, remixing tracks for artists such as Global Citizen and Blott, but in recent years he has changed his tune. Breaking into a new creative space, Ellison has now taken his maelstrom of  ’70s and 80’s influences and refined them into a debut collection of known simply as ‘Metal Sunscape’.

Born from a vibrant mix of The Human League, Gary Numan, John Foxx, Aphex Twin, and Bomb The Bass, ‘Metal Sunscape’ is the sound of three decades colliding to produce a master class in British electronica. Rousing synths straight out of the ’70s are fused together with grandiose 80’s sound and the rolling, building ambience of the early 90’s to form a whole new kind of beast. Equal parts familiar and bravely new, ‘Metal Sunscape’ is the digital soundtrack to a forgotten sci-fi film, rolling across plains of lingering synth notes and subtle, building percussion.

A cohesive vision that is unique to Ellison, where he excels on ‘Metal Sunscape’ is in stitching together his influences and creative whims into seamless digital pieces. While his wanderings through the various soundscapes might at times appear directionless, even formless, there is a distinct identity at play that permeates through each of the twelve tracks. Like New Order’s debut, ‘Movement’, Ellison’s debut album holds within it a restrained dance spirit and blossoming creative energy, and that makes it a very exciting prospect.

Score: 7/10

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