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Enbers – ‘Black Mamba’

  • 2 min read

Growing up in a musical family, Enbers was surrounded by creativity. His Grandfather and Aunt helped to foster his creative side, and their band created the soundtrack of his childhood. From karaoke nights to earning his Grandfather’s acoustic guitar at the age of fifteen, Enbers’ journey in music has been a story of growth and evolution, and now, after a decade of writing music and refining his sound, he’s finally ready to release his debut EP.

A four-track release that is aptly titled ’10 Years’, the new EP is set to feature songs that Enbers has written since he first started playing music, drawing inspiration from the various punk bands, country acts, folk troupes that he’s been involved in. The first single from the soon to be released EP comes in the form of ‘Black Mamba’, a deft folk cut that of brevity and emotive beauty.

A rough-cut song with minimal production, ‘Black Mamba’ brings instant comparisons with Lee Mavers and The La’s, perhaps not with their most famous song, but definitely with the likes of ‘Timeless Melody’ and ‘Looking Glass’. It’s a song that meets you at a crossroads, and where it leads you will really depend on the sort of music you prefer. For those that appreciate raw authenticity and an emotive folk vibe, ‘Black Mamba’ will shine as a song of pure, unadulterated charm backed by a heartfelt score of acoustic guitar, but for those more inclined to lose themselves within polished worlds of hard hitting melodies and lavish orchestration, it can be all to easy to see the single as being underdeveloped and more of a demo than a fully realised release.

For us, the song falls within the grey area between the two trails, offering enough imagination and worth to make us excited for the full EP, but not quite enough wonder to really make us want it. Ultimately the real value in ‘Black Mamba’ might reveal itself when it’s backed by the weight of the full EP, but for now, we’ll happily settle for the rustic charm that Enbers has already produced.

Score: 6.5/10

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