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Erik Jerrod – ‘4 Ever Driven’

  • 1 min read

Another aspiring rapper from the DMV area, Erik Jarrod has been carving his own path through the evolving hip-hop landscape for years. A bright and unyielding talent, he had been drumming up anticipation for his most recent project throughout 2018, pushing his unique brand of hard-hitting lyrics and infectious beats with a relentless confidence.

Released in the Summer of 2018, ‘4 Ever Driven’, unleashing a collection of brash beats and motivational songs for the world to enjoy. A ten-track affair, the album broke ground as constantly evolving piece, one that contrasted simple, intermittently ambient melodies with Erik’s own aggressive vocal style. Opening track ‘Lions’ is a perfect example of this sound, creating a palpable tension between the two contrasting sounds. Its an immediate and powerful sound, one that hit’s hard and then keeps on hitting.

Built around flourishes of interwoven audio bites and cultivated, digital techniques, the production is polished and perfectly done, emphasising the powerful sound and motivational messages that Erik spits in every single bar.

A maelstrom of sounds, styles, and raucous, rampant energies, ‘4 Ever Driven’ accomplishes much across its ten-track run, offering defiant melodies and RnB infused beats in tracks such as ‘Dopamine’, ‘The Bounce’, and ‘Life’s Good’. There is a poetic realism that makes the album work, and the skilled beats and instrumentals abundantly match Erik’s skills on the microphone, ensuring that the mix is a rounded and unyielding triumph.

Available now on Spotify and Apple Music, ‘4 Ever Driven’ is an authentic street masterpiece that is more than worth the time to listen.

Score: 8.5/10

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