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Gliffo – ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’

  • 2 min read

The story of ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’ is a miraculous one. Beginning with the full-time entrepreneur known as Gliffo, the single began simple as a bolt from the blue, a melody cultivated from the ether and whistled into a smartphone for safe keeping. After sitting on the melody for some time, Gliffo eventually got in touch with a Berlin-based produced, who took the tune and built it into a grandiose pop release, complete with new hook, arrangements, and polished production.

Today, the song skyrocketed into the German Amazon Charts, breaking the Top 10 with ease. Its release comes neatly packaged alongside two distinct house remixes. A song about opening your mind to new things, forgetting sorrows and finding that silver lining, ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’ aims to be a euphoric, relentlessly optimistic track that will chase the dark away from anyone who hears it, and on first listen, it certainly has all the hallmarks of a contemporary, club-infused banger.

Wielding dual vocals that are laced with a delicate touch of autotune, a semi-awkward spoken word section, a pleasing, albeit muddled operatic-pop arrangement, and a fade out signifying no real way to end the track, ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’ is one of those tracks that can take a few listens to crack. From a songwriting perspective, the release shines for it’s clear and consistent message of positivity, and the music really does reflect that sentiment, bringing with it a sense of uplifting warmth that worms its way into your subconscious, but the melody that began it all just doesn’t seem to shine through.

Interestingly, ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’ scored a perfect 5/5 from UK Magazine Sound of Now, but then one look at their site tells you that everything from them scores a perfect 5/5, so we’ll leave the truthfulness of their work up to you. Sadly, we can’t be as favourable towards ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’, as even the remixes don’t quite have the vibrancy that the song needs to truly work. It’s not a bad song, just somewhat underwhelming, which means there’s sadly no fairy-tale ending to go along with the impressive beginning.

‘Get The Sun In Your Head’ is available to stream and purchase now on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and of course, Amazon.

Score: 6/10

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