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GRVS_Graves – ‘Breakup’

  • 1 min read

A new breed of pop-rock pioneer, GRVS_Graves is the enigmatic outlet of vocalist Arik Horner. A self-made musician and unique creative talent, Horner has recently set the standard for his new musical vehicle with the release of a massive debut single. Titled ‘Breakup’, the new cut is a visceral three-minute anthem that hinges on a quick-fire back-beat and sultry pop melody, combining technical prowess with a true emotional connection to create a perfect opening piece.

A glistening cascade of trap-inspired beats and a swirling central melody, ‘Breakup’ is a unique single with massive appeal, offering lavish, soaring choruses and atmospheric breakdowns that are steeped in a true emotional weight. Hitting like a runaway train, the single carves an unstoppable and unpredictable path, offering a constantly evolving medley of timeless rock influences that crash upon waves of dark, digital brilliance.

A surprising and wonderfully engaging track, ‘Breakup’ blends raw and relatable moments with an undeniable appeal, creating a universally relatable and entirely enjoyable release that will impress for years to come. With all the power of a rock anthem locked behind a polished pop exterior, GRVS_Graves has stitched magic into every note, capturing a dark underlying energy and a nuanced, yet defiant style.

Available now on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music, ‘Breakup’ is an uncompromising introduction to an expressive new world, one where GRVS_Graves rules supreme and ‘Breakup’ is his battle cry. Stream the new single above via Spotify, and be sure to follow him on Facebook below for all the latest updates and releases.

Score: 8.5/10

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