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Hamaton3 – ‘Out of Contrast’

  • 2 min read

A new and aspiring producer and composer, Hamaton3, the creative musical project of local talent Glenn Hamilton. An impressive project that was born from a simple, but pure love of sound, Hamaton3 formed from a series of random guitar riffs and spontaneous beats, taking that initial passion and experimental flair and building it into something of real musical magnitude. In Glenn’s own words, the essence of Hamaton3 comes from free-flowing energy and a will to create, expressing the sentiment in his own words, “there is nothing more satisfying than making a sound, even a single tone, then developing that idea into five minutes of melodious elation”.

A seemingly unlimited talent, Glenn hears a rhythm in everything, taking inspiration from the world him and distilling its spirit into a musical epiphany. As an artist, his most powerful revelation came courtesy of Giorgio Moroder's monologue from Daft Punk’s ‘RAM’, “once you free your mind about the concept of music and harmony you can do whatever you want”.

It’s the quote that cultivated the dream, reinforcing his passion and creative drive, and pushing him to release ‘Out of Contrast’ his new album that breaks ground on a diverse mix of genres. Pushing boundaries and freely traversing styles, the album covers elements of industrial, techno, trance, electro, 90's synthpop and future sounds, bringing the sound of Hamaton3 to life in a wave of pulsing beat and mesmerising sounds.

A five-track collection, the album sparks with the opening sounds of ‘Everest Acid’, a maelstrom of digital sounds and retro-club inspired beats that fires on all cylinders, forcing itself into view with a dense and constantly building layer of contemporary techno and trap styles. It’s a lot to overcome, setting an instant tone for the album. Second track ‘Abbadon’ is far less fearsome, opting for a more cultivated world sound blended seamlessly with acid house impulses and vocal snippets to create a more linear, melodic sound. It’s a distinct change from the opening number, one that shows a more restrained and mature approach to Glenn’s experimental sound, casting the shadow of an intriguing Jekyll and Hyde personality.

Third cut ‘Huckcrusher’ manages to find a balance between the two sounds, offering more traditional club beats and refrains that have been tweaked and tampered with to give more depth to the style, pushing on with constant energy and a seemingly relentless stream of beats. Taking a page and a core sound from Neue Deutsche Härte legends Rammstein, ‘Reischt so Gut’ rallies around its namesake from their debut album ‘Herzeleid’, breathing new life into that classic series of synth tones. Finally, closing track ‘Squeeze’ comes into view with a rampant, unstoppable tempo and a constant almost tribal energy, offering quick transitions between rhythmic sounds and flourishes of hard-hitting beats that refuse to quit.

A diverse and vibrant maelstrom of sounds, you would be hard-pressed to find a more intriguing or innovative release. As an introduction to Glenn’s sound, ‘Out of Contrast’ leaves a distinct impression, making it essential new listening for any EDM fan.

Score: 7.5/10

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