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I Have Four Names – ‘IH4N (DX)’

  • 2 min read

A fiercely independent solo artist from the creative heart of Sydney, Australia, Will Evatt, better known by his musical moniker of I Have Four Names is well on his way to becoming one of the city’s most impressive musical forces. Dedicated to making hard-hitting, bass-driven indie that shakes with a dark, electronic undercurrent, Will’s work is a bold, brash, and brilliant charge into the current indie scene, offering a fresh and visceral sound that few will be able to stand against.

After spending eight years writing, recording, and experimenting, Will has finally released he semi-eponymous debut album, ‘IH4N (DX)’, unleashing a wild, chimeric release that we’ll be spinning on our record player for years to come.

A titanic release that spans twenty unique tracks, ‘IH4N (DX)’ offers little in the way of familiarity, instead pushing on into the unknown with a relentless sense of drive. After a simmering, introductory title track, a cacophony of noise rock epics fades into existence, assembling themselves into a rough and ready mix of spiked electronic anthems and unhinged indie-rock melodies.

On his Triple J Unearthed page, Will cites Death From Above 1979, Regurgitator, Future of the Left, and DIY punk pioneer Jeff Rosenstock as some of his influences, and they definitely show in the album. Tracks like ‘The Other Hand Is Always Greener’, ‘Grab Me By The Collar’, ‘Headache Gray’, and ‘Greyscale Gold’ all shine with a sporadic sense of off-kilter genius, brushing aside conventional or old school punk stylings in favour of something more modern.

A Frankenstein-style release that has been stitched together from original material and select tracks form Will’s previous EP’s, ‘The Other Hand Is Always Greener’ and ‘IH4N (DX EP)’, Will’s debut album is a wonderfully mystifying release, one that will have you coming back time and time again.

Available now as a digital release on Spotify, Apple Music, and on stunning coloured vinyl through Bandcamp, ‘IH4N (DX)’ is easily one of 2020’s great independent releases.

Score: 7.5/10

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