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Imbred – ‘Acoustic’

  • 2 min read

In the last few years, Imbred has become a true musical force throughout Australia, taking to Soundcloud, Reddit, YouTube, and now Spotify, to showcase his rough, proto-grunge sound in all its brash, abrasive glory. A truly visceral artist whose sound is built upon his feelings, inspirations, and dark creative whims, Imbred’s music has always pushed boundaries and carved an uncompromising path through the underground, but with his latest album, he’s brought a more delicate touch to things, turning to his acoustic guitar to showcase an album born of love.

Inspired by a girl, as all the best albums are, ‘Acoustic’ is a layered released that shines with a true romantic flair. With all the songs played on a Taylor guitar to match the name of the girl who inspired them, and with a cover bearing her own illustration, the new album is quite possibly Imbred’s most human and personal, offering up a slice of his heart in place of the dark, drastic, and often sombre tones that usually colour his releases.

The first of the twelve acoustic tracks that make up the new album, ‘I Do’ cuts into frame with a soft melodic tone and gentle romantic flair that undercuts Imbred’s now-infamous vocal style. There’s a lot than can be said for Imbred’s vocals, and he’s never hidden that, but on ‘Acoustic’, and especially in tracks like ‘I Do’, there’s a far more expressive shift in timbre and tone, bringing a more reflection and even emotive quality to the mix.

While softened and romanticised, that classic, sharp contrast is still ever-present throughout the album, but then that has always been part of Imbred’s dented charm. Tracks like ‘Bored’, ‘Girl’, and ‘Valentine’s Day’ highlight this shift perfectly, flowing with a calmer, even sweet sound, while cuts like ‘Coffee’, ‘Better Day’, and ‘Angel’ glow with nostalgic and the rose-tinted sheen of intimacy.

An unexpected, but very welcome addition to Imbred’s legacy, ‘Acoustic’ is a chink in the armour; a rare glimpse passed the static, distortion, and grunge that usually clouds his music and into the beating heart of the musician at the very centre of it all.

You can stream ‘Acoustic’ above via Spotify, as well as on most major platforms.

Score: 6/10

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