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Imbred – ‘IV’

  • 2 min read

An Australian singer-songwriter with a cult sound and a penchant for hard-hitting grunge kicks, Imbred has spent years fighting critics and proving his musical chops. An unstoppable artist with a seemingly unlimited creative potential, Imbred has become a staple on our pages, and for a very good reason.

Rising from rough, DIY production to forge a unique, nostalgic sound, Imbred returns to form on ‘IV’, bringing to the surface another collection of original tracks that reflects his evolving emotional state. With an instantly recognisable sound that cuts through your speakers, Imbred opens his new album with ‘Happy’, a classic grunge-infused track that shines with an acoustic feel before quickly transitioning into the dynamic and unstoppable melee of ‘Abilify’.

Third cut ‘Anxiety’ forces its way into your consciousness with a level of poignancy that has rarely been shown in Imbred’s previous work, and while his vocals crack and sprawl across the instrumental soundscapes he creates, you can’t help but get swept away by the rush of it all. Following number ‘Jealousy’ strikes with a heavy bassline and droning, impure vocals, setting a foundation for the oncoming hook and driven melody, while album highlight ‘Pain’ follows in stunning form, creating arguably the most impactful instruments of all Imbred’s work.

Eventually, ‘IV’ comes to close with the double act of ‘Introvert’ and ‘Black’, two quick cuts that find their strength in the darker side of Imbred’s sounds. Short though they might be, the final two songs are a deft mixture of visceral and nuanced, offering a glimpse into the struggles that Imbred faces. They’re both lyrically and melodically memorable, closing the album with his strongest showing to date.

While slightly eroded by the enduring flaws and inconsistencies that have dogged Imbred’s previous releases, ‘IV’ builds upon the artist’s legacy, creating a more relatable and pristine sound than ever before. It’s wonderful to see and hear, and a testament to the determination and shifting provocative style that Imbred brings to life.

Score: 7/10

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