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Imbred – IV (Remastered)

  • 2 min read

Imbred has always been a unique musical force, not just for his harsh, sometimes abrasive grunge-laden sound, but for his prolific output. In the past few years, Imbred has recorded countless songs and albums, witling it down his seemingly endless back-catalogue into an impressive eleven album collection. It seems for every album he releases, one or two others are shelved, discarded or reinvented, creating an enduring DIY renaissance. In his latest offering, Imbred has gone back to one of his most accomplished albums, re-recording and remastering the songs to create an even more intensive musical journey.

When we last wrote about ‘IV’, it was noted to be “a more relatable and pristine sound than ever before” and “a testament to the determination and shifting provocative style that Imbred brings to life”, and now, a few months down the line, it’s still sounding as sharp and uniquely avant-garde as ever. Holding firm to his DIY roots, the re-recorded version of ‘IV’ hasn’t been blunted in the slightest, driving deep into the post-grunge soundscape with a forceful nature and haphazard style that is still as raw as ever.

Striking against the grain with his instantly recognisable sound, ‘IV’ opens once more with ‘Happy’, an enduring, heavy-hitting track that carries a crisp acoustic sound. It’s a sharp, transitional song that remains one of Imbred’s best, pushing the album into a dark, brazen spiral of punk energy and confident, distorted sounds that starts with ‘Abilify’ and doesn’t stop unto final track ‘Black’ fades from your speakers.

The strength of ‘IV’ was always the connection between Imbred and the music he was making, allowing his unconventional voice to connect with each song more than it ever had before, and with the re-release, he’s been able to keep to this strength while also making the songs sound more accessible, lessening the flaws and glancing over the inconsistencies that dogged the initial release.

You can stream the full re-recorded version of ‘IV’ above via YouTube, or find it today on all major streaming platforms, including Imbred’s new Spotify page.

Score: 7.5/10

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